Saturday , April 17 2021

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In December 2017, Sberbank approved a new strategy, according to which by 2020 it should be transformed into a universal technology company whose competitors could be Google, Amazon, and Alibaba. At the beginning of March, Sberbank registered nearly 200 domain names containing the word Sber. According to Rusbasse, Sberbank also bought internet addresses at and and is considering issuing its own "smart" column.

The Sberbank representative did not comment on which devices can be made in collaboration with Nvidia.

Partners in the clouds

Sberbank announced the creation of a cloud platform SberCloud in April 2018. The platform was to combine cloud services provided on behalf of the company itself, as well as its partners. In particular, in February of this year, Amazon's cloud service, Amazon Web Services (AWS), appeared on it. At the same time, their platform services became available to everyone (before that, it worked for the internal use of Sberbank and its individual clients).

As explained by David Rafalovski, executive vice president and head of the block for the Sberbank Technical Block, it is impossible to optimally develop different services when infrastructure, data centers are in Switzerland or the United States, and most global cloud providers sell their services in Russian market, have a physical presence in Russia, for example, AWS, Google Cloud. "Due to the large number of data and architectural considerations for infrastructure construction, Sberbank can never only use the services of these companies, as well as other large companies in Russia. So we decided to develop our own cloud infrastructure ourselves, and then to offer it as a service to other companies, "said Rafalovski.

In addition, data storage in Russia is prescribed by Russian law. For example, the law "For personal data" (prescribing the storage of similar data for Russians in the country) or "spring law" (therefore, telecom operators and internet companies must hold conversations and correspondence for their users up to six months).

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