Saturday , January 16 2021

Russian doctors name risk factors for KOVID-19 infection: Society: Russia: Лента.ру

Russian infectious disease doctor Valery Besnosenko, in an interview with RBC, called overweight and diabetes mellitus the most dangerous factors in coronavirus infection.

“They carry the maximum risk, followed by cardiovascular disease,” the specialist explained. He noted that data on other factors influencing the course of the disease are not well known.

At the same time, an honorary doctor of Russia, therapist Alexander Karabinenko noted that if a person with KOVID-19 has a chronic disease, then the main factor influencing the severity of the development of coronavirus is their stage.

“Oncology, immunodeficiencies, heart failure, lung disease, diabetes mellitus,” the expert said. He added that it is wrong to say that one disease is more dangerous than the other with coronavirus, because it all depends on the condition of the person and the stage of his disease.

People with alcohol dependence with KOVID-19 can worsen the condition of the liver and heart, added Karabinenko. According to him, these patients have weakened immune defenses.

In addition, according to the chief physician of the clinic “Your Doctor”, therapist Tatiana Romanenko, the coronavirus can be especially dangerous for smokers. “They may not be aware of the presence of lung disease, but they are at risk,” she said.

Earlier, Vitaly Zverev, an academician at the Russian Academy of Sciences, a virologist and scientific director at the Vaccine and Serum Research Institute in Mehnikov, warned that complications from the coronavirus could include complications from the flu. According to him, the flu virus is superior to the coronavirus, however, with a confirmed diagnosis of KOVID-19, doctors do not examine the patient for the flu.

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