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Roskosmos Divides Socrates Chrysotile Pilotyrumus Zapuskus MKS

MOSCOW, Oct 1 – RIA Novosti. Russia corrected Intermittent Cosmic Stations in 2020, including two pilot ships, "Soyuz", in the first quarter of the year, followed by a number of reports from the RIA Novosti.

In 2009, Russia erected a shelter for four ships "Soyuz" in Skipazami. The quantity of saprate soybeans, expected by 2020, will be charged by the United States.

According to the material "RK-Strahovani", the second and fourth quarters of 2020 are planned.

Chromium Twin Pilot Coral Ship Stations in 2020 will repair three "Gruzovika" "Progress MS". The quantity of transportable waste remains. In 2019, MKS landed two "Progresses", the third thread of the year.

In 2011, SCA shortened its space shuttle line MKS. Russia's only unique foreign delivery pilot mission to the cosmos. Anywhere in the US will get astronaut fixes on a new developed pilot aircraft: Crew Dragon – SpaceX company and Starliner – Boeing company.

Sejchas "Roskosmos" and NASA have begun to talk about their own cosmonauts and astronauts of other ships.

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