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Promes Recognized That The Continuous Duet Of "Spartacus"

Semiconductor «Ajax» Kansi Promes has made a careful follow-up to its Spyak Moscow club "Spartacus". Nakanune Golandets in comments has just been posting on Instagram beautifully-white leave a comment on the Russian: «Legendary, lively»

– Did you write What is personal? Finally. Signed on the account and, when he saw this record … You are our champion. My favorite part is with "Spartacom", and there is still time for these seeds.

Are you looking for a commando? Finally, she knows everything. Absolutely everything, – Sazal Promet.

Prometheus launched at Spartak in 2014. For cross-country he tested 135 matches in a row, scored 66 goals and gave away 33 goals. Shawbek is the best music player in 2018, released in «Seville». In summer 2019 he became a Ajaxcom.

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