Thursday , January 21 2021

Presented serial electric Aston Martin Rapide E – Autoreview

The first electric Aston Martin, which, according to the rumors, the famous 007 agent James Bond will ride in a regular movie picture, is finally ready for production. Although the British model showed a pilot sample of this model four years ago. What changed during such a long tuning and adaptation? Unfortunately, not all ideas were realized.

The development of the Aston electric car was made in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, which supplied the electric cars Formula E. However, the promised four-wheel drive did not appear, and the expected power did not even approach the required range of 800-1000 hp. The electric Rapide E has a rear-wheel drive: the wheels rotate two synchronous electric motors with a combined efficiency of 612 hp. and 950 Nm. However, even as the most powerful version of gasoline AMR is weaker: 603 hp and 630 Nm. There are no speeches about individual driving on each wheel: motors operate in series, and the limited friction differential remains in gear.

The body structure of the original Rapid has undergone minimal changes, so the battery here is not located below the floor, as well as the most modern electric vehicles, but it is divided into several parts in carbon fiber and kevlar boxes, which are located on the floor of the V12 engine, gas tank. The total battery capacity is only 65 kWh instead of 100 kWh in the current Tesla model S (other versions are discontinued). Aston's electric system operates at high voltage (800 volts), which reduces the intersection and mass of the electrical installation.

The expected mileage per charge is 322 km on the WLTP cycle. Fully charging an empty 50 kilowatt battery with 400 volts will take a little more than an hour, and if you connect to the most powerful source (100 kW, 800 volts), you will need to stop for about 40 minutes.

But even with such a modest battery, Rapide E turned out to be tougher than the gasoline model: 2140 kg instead of 1990. Aerodynamics was optimized for driving: the new wheels with flat arms, the front cover and the rear diffuser enabled to reduce dragging by 8%. And the main feature of the electric version in the cabin is a virtual ten-inch screen, although the entire interior has been outdated for fifteen years (the original Aston Martin DB9, on the basis of which Rapide was created, debuted in 2003).

The maximum speed of the electric Rapid is limited to 250 km / h, acceleration to 100 km / h lasts 4.2 s. For comparison: indicators for the petrol version of Rapide AMR – 330 km / h and 4.4 s. But developers are proud of their elasticity: from 50 to 70 miles per hour (80-113 km / h) the electric vehicle accelerates in just half a second. And they promise Rapide E will be able to accelerate one round of Nurburgring to combat the government while maintaining the efficiency of the electrical system. The lift of the electrolyte refractory was reconfigured: the developers tried to impose the character of the worst version of the AMR.

The initial plan called for the release of 400 electric five-door doors annually, but these intentions have been forgotten. The total turnover of the Rapide E model will be only 155 units. The delivery of cars to consumers will begin in the fourth quarter, and the price is not announced and will be individual. However, Rapide E is just Aston's first electric sword. His main task is to teach the company to work with electric cars and fill the bumps. The following models of batteries under the brand Lagonda are already being developed regardless of classical automotive architecture.

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