Wednesday , October 27 2021

Pete played Clooney and made him arrogant in the eyes of the whole city: Movie: Culture:


Hollywood actor George Clooney told how he played his colleague Brad Pitt during the filming of Ocean 12. The interview with the artist was published on the GQ YouTube channel.

According to the star, a close friend made him arrogant in the eyes of the whole city. While filming was taking place in Como, where Clooney lived for a long time, Pete was posting announcements around town and sending leaflets to residents saying the filming of a new tape would soon take place at the site.

“Please refer to George Clooney only as Mr. Clooney or call Danny Ocean because that is the name of his character. “And do not look him straight in the eye,” Pete wrote. After that, local publications began publishing articles that Clooney considered himself an embroiderer.

Earlier, George Clooney spoke of a long-running dispute with his colleague Russell Crowe. The artist pointed out that the 15th star of “Gladiator” spoke negatively about him 15 years ago. “Out of nowhere,” he said, “I am not as corrupt as Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford or George Clooney.” Where the hell is this? “Clooney was surprised. He added that he was tired of the conflicts. According to the actor, now he is much more interested in watching the show of model Chrissie Teigen.

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