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Orji Martin talked about finishing Game of Thrones: Cinema: Culture:

Writer Orj R. Martin directed the game "Game of Thrones" in the fantastic saga "Song of Ice and Fire" by the FBO, telling how he was influenced by the end of the TV show. It is reported by Observer.

"The ending of the series set me free in my own way. Now I can work at my own pace. There was a time when I had to finish the book, I would have been on the show a few years ago. The stress was incredible. He didn't affect me in the best way. Instead of speeding me up, the series ended with a slowdown, "Martin complained.

In addition, the writer pointed out that Game of Thrones fans' displeasure with the end of the series will not affect the finale of his saga, until the completion of two more books – "Winter Winds" and "Dreams of Spring." "You can't please everybody," Martin said.

Martin also admitted that he had stopped following fans' theories: "Some are true, others are not. I have to wait for the remaining books to find out the truth. "

On July 17, it was revealed that the fantasy series Game of Thrones broke the record for the number of nominations for an Emmy Award. He received 32 nominations, including the "Best Drama" category.

Game of Thrones has been on HBO since April 2011. The literary basis of the series was a cycle of books on "Song of Ice and Fire" by writer George Martin.

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