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Minzdrav nashel servezezznые disrupted in the blokina: Society: Russia:

Work at NIWI Children's Oncology and Gynecology NMI Medical Center Blochina Medical Center. On Wednesday, October 10, reported the Director of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Gynecology Department of the Minzdrava Elena Bajbarina, RIA News.

In writing, we will talk about how the new director of the department Svetlana Varfolomeeva will be disrupted or expelled from the "regular practice" in the departments. Baibarina responded with a charge, and handed over check files, check documents, and check the "off duty charges".

How did you find TASS, the Minzdrava Commission did not find a disrupted new director.

Wounded Officer NMHF Blochina Ivan Stilidi scolded, as he wisely said. After the ego, I have been hurt by everything I have suffered in adulthood.

30 cents per minute reported to the oncology center Blochina prigrozil masovovim uvolnenie. The medics indict a new correction center, shifting summer, traversing and unjustifiably allotted landings. They do not tell the story of what the patient is suffering from. In Minzdrave mounted on stoneware railings and magnificent zaavivshih ob uvolnen чеiы чеetыreх ййыйй in disrupted чечечебйй.

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