Monday , September 28 2020

Mercedes G-Class Becomes Electromobile – Autorev


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Tesla head companies Tesla Ilona Mask socetet flats, where the top-management is the most important strategic solution. What has bothered the head to divide the digitally transformed Daimler Concert Sasha Pallenberg: on a personal page Twitter He bitten his own boss Ula Klleniusa, kotori zavavil, as soon as he was in the buduem budget represented by the Mercedes-Benz G-Class electric car.

Kellenius provided, which is unnecessarily in the company, the necessity to make wonderful products, but the situation changed, and possible, as the latest Cogda-Libo Mercedes became G-Class. Other slavery, in models without sound. In Volume they did Electricity. Тоотя точных сроков появления батарейного Gelendevagena in Daimler did not bow.

Castes, companies and companies have the G-Class of Electricity. In 2017, the machine was commissioned by the Austrian company Kreisel Electric according to the order of Arnolda Schwarzenegger. Electric Power Supply 490 hp In a block of humiliating reducer installers, a pre-loaded spoiler. An accumulator of 80 kWh and a mass of 510 kg was discharged under the capotome, on a heat exchanger and under a trunk. But the Daimler Navigation system developed by Electromobilia, in the light of the Mercedes EQG, hurt Hepetilno.

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