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Loko fans helped Bavaria. They supported Semin 70 minutes – Eurocup news – Football

– bee there is a draw, we will break through! A German has nothing to do on Russian soil! – says the boy, who is in an alcoholic state at the level of “delight”, before the match with Bayern. He has been in Loko since childhood, seems to have arrived from Mordovia and is absolutely happy to have made a video call to his wife just to show the stadium in Cherkizovo. The common man seemed to be ill, far from active fanaticism, from internal club wars and struggles with management, but even he falls apart when answering a seemingly simple question.

– Which is better for you: victory over Bayern or Lokomotiv lost everything, but Semin came back earlier?

“The Return of Semin,” he reboots.

– ie though is it better to lose? – I explain.

– Yes, that’s why Semin!

For the sake of Palich, you can also donate Russian land.

Paradoxically, they generally love Bayern in Cherkizov no less than their own.

People with scarves in Loko applaud every guest who gets off the bus and ignore their own people, who have to play with the best team in the world for an hour and a half.

The head coach passes – only one and sarcastic “Nikolic, we believe”! Ze Luis – zero reaction. Gilherm and Krihovjak receive a few kind shouts from behind, and the rest is silence.

– Only Loko – only victory! – an adult fan tries to turn it on. He is not supported, Spanish shame.

I ask the fan next to me again.

“Is it better to win or not to get Semin back?” “Semin to come back,” he replies. – And, Nikolic and Kiknadze left the club.

The same slogans are in the stands. The anthem of the Champions League, the energetic start of Lokomotiv, such a confident and angry youth against Lewandowski and Neuer, Smolov’s chances for a goal and, most importantly, a brave attacking game – all this is not impressive. From the main ultra-sector “Yuga” in several hundred voices sounds with two accusations: “Ogan Kiknadze from the club” and “Yuri Palich, ole-ole-ole”. The rest of the stadium seems to be indifferent to the protest, but also can not organize anything in return.

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“We are against this,” said the men in the central sector. – Express your position, shout for Semin, ask to fire Kiknadze, but before the match, during the break, after the match, but now the team must be supported.

Watching the game, there is a feeling that it is important to get used to the live Loko and because Bayern is loose. In addition, this was clear even before the match, when Lewandowski, Sane and Koman sat imposingly on the bus for a few minutes, although the whole team went to the locker room a long time ago. Discipline on the field also left the Germans: the appointment of the fight, the space between the defenders, the gaps between the rows – any interception of Lokomotiv potentially, with a high level of performance, could end at a dangerous moment. It takes pressure, it takes great effort, but how to maintain courage if after the mistakes in the last phase, instead of roaring at the stadium, the shooting of “Fire” and “Yuri Palich” starts again? So, it is not the stands that shake Loko’s players, but the canceled ones because of offside penalty of the Bavarians from Lewandowski – after this episode Ze Luis and Miranchuk run away finally falls.

And then comes the turning point in the stands. The protest sector in the south is silenced, the neighbors start cheering, the stadium roars – and Loko gives a brilliant ten minutes, during which he destroys Bayern and can score more, but gets an illogical goal after a long-range shot from Kimic.

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– Dismiss Kiknadze from the club! – the main fan sector wakes up again, but this time the charge is booed. They whistle not because someone all for inubi in the new leadership or accepted Nikolic. No dissatisfaction because of the legend’s resignation lives on and will live on – but it seems they will no longer be allowed to cheer for Palic and his team in Cherkizovo.

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