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Ksenia Sobchak taught the pregnant Regina Todorenko how to raise a child

14:32, 16/11/2018

A public figure gave advice on how a young mother deals with children.

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Today on the YouTube channel "Friday with Regina" a new release was released. At that time, 37-year-old Ksenia Sobchak became a guest host of the Regina Todorenko program. Together with her husband, Maxim Vitorgan, she raises her son Platowho will be two years old on November 18. In a sincere conversation with the pregnant Regina Todorenko Xenia, she gave the expectant mother some tips on raising her child. That is why Sobchak noticed that it is very important to teach a child to swim from the first months. Son of Plato, according to Xenia, she and her husband took with them to the pool one month after his birth.

"I highly recommend this because children still have a reflex stop, and if you start swimming immediately, you will not lose this reflex." He was born, a month passed, we started taking him away, so he did not go, but he was swimming, jumping from the side. has a schedule: swimming three times a week, sport twice a week, every week he goes to English classes, he speaks English with large sentences consisting of five to six words.In a few years I want to take a Chinese" – Xenia said.

Ksenia Sobchak taught the pregnant Regina Todorenko how to raise a child

Sobczak also noted that discipline and mode are important in raising a child, but we should not forget about goodness. According to Xenia, Plato has already learned to go to sleep alone, he also eats them for an hour and tells parents when he needs to eat: "I do not want my child to become hostage to my ideas, but I understand that a certain habit should arise early. I have realized that it is necessary to combine discipline, a regime with this freedom, we are hugging each other all the time, that is, he does not have the impression that he has not enough love, but at the same time, what is amazing, he falls asleep alone in the room at this time. At 8:30 he starts his internal clock. He says it's time to go to sleep.

According to Xenia, this is her favorite occupation – Plato feeding. Sobchak noticed that her son does not eat them so he has to invent different games or stories. "First of all, I love to feed him, I just do not eat it, I need to reserve, his teeth to talk." The hedgehog crawled, the cat was tweaked, if he did nothing, he would not eat at all, he is a mother figure and he looks like Maxim "- Sobchak said with a smile .

In a conversation, Regina Todorenko raised the topic of pregnancy. Ksenia admitted that she and Maxim were crying when they saw two stripes on the rehearsal. She cried even more when she found out she would have a son. "At the same time I experienced both happiness and fear, and then I cried with joy, but the more I cried when I found out he was a boy, I really wanted a son." Maxim did not care that he already had a son and a daughter – she reminded TV star.

Ksenia Sobchak taught the pregnant Regina Todorenko how to raise a child

In addition, Ksenia provided Regina with some tips on how to relieve her well-being during pregnancy. "The first thing is bad, you do not have thermal golf, they saved me so my legs would not swell. Second, bandage. You need to smear your belly with oil so that there are no stretch marks, not even vitamin D. You need to swim a lot, do yoga", – Ksenia noticed.

Recall that Maxim Vitorgan, who last week became the protagonist of the "Talk?" Program, called his wife a "crazy mother." "Do you see what's happening to her?" Do you see that he is a crazy mother? Do you think it's some kind of calculation? I do not say to her: "Finish", but he can not stop. Her emotions are overflowing. This is an absolutely irrational thing. She just turned out to be a crazy mother. But, honestly, I always said it would be so, "said the actor.

Ksenia Sobchak taught the pregnant Regina Todorenko how to raise a child

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