Saturday , January 23 2021

Is it necessary? Owner: AvtoMedia: VladTime told about the unpleasant features of the "niche" LADA Vesta Sport

In order to find out whether the sports consumer Vesta is suitable for the average consumer, the car decided to compare it with the standard version of the model.

The MrKoss174 channel blogger recently moved from Lada Vesta SW to Vesta Sport, and decided to tell his viewers about the features of a sports sedan, making it an important car.

The first thing that catches the eye in LADA Vesta Sport is the lower ravine. In addition, according to the owner, vibrations feel inactive, since AvtoVAZ, due to engine amplification, received more rigid mounting motors on this version.

Also, the buyer of this car will have to respect the fact that split the exhaust system produces a specific sound, which may not be like those used for driving in quiet cars.

As the critic points out, even amateur "sport" features features in management. Although in the case of Lada Vesta Sport, handling is the forte of this model, its turning radius is still greater than that of the regular sedan.

In addition, the car "niche" received extended wings and a plastic bumper. However, the bumper is not fastened in place, it is fixed with two bolts, and even after an easy accident, the owner of Vesta Sport will have to change at least the bumper and blender.

Finally, the blogger noticed that his new car has another nasty feature – hidden brakes. He recommended carefully considering and asking if you really need such a machine.

Jana Vasileva


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