Friday , July 30 2021

Intel will present the first 7-inch product in 2021

  • This product will be a graphics processor designed to speed up computers in server systems.
  • The efficiency in terms of watts will increase by 20%, the density of the transistors should be doubled.
  • In 2020 Intel will have time to issue a 10 nm GPU.
  • By the year 2023, three generations of 7-nm technology of technology will be replaced.

Intel has just held an investor event that was designed to instill in its cold prudence the trust in the technological and financial potential of this developer of central and graphic processors. Yes, Intel representatives did not pay attention to the central processors in their reports.

Looking for TSMC

Executive Director Robert Sven (Robert Swann) told investors about the general direction of Intel's development and transformation, but also considered it necessary to say that the corporation will invest significant resources in maintaining leadership in lithographic technology. With all seriousness, Intel's progress in this area was compared to the success of TSMC. In June, the first 10-nm laser laptop processors will be introduced, Ice-SP server processors will appear in the first half of 2020, when TSMC will actively supply its customers with 7-nm products. Well, in 2021, Intel expects to release its first 7-nm products – by then TSMC will produce 5-nm products.

In principle, the main story of Intel's achievements in technology development from a 7-inch process led to vice-president Venkata Renduchintala. But, first, he explained that the tenth technical process in his development would exceed three generations. The first will debut this year (with the exception of the previous attempt to face Cannon Lake), and the second will begin operating in 2020, and the third will already exist in parallel with the 7-nm process in 2021.

The first generation of technology from 7nm technology will provide an increase in the transistor density twice as compared to 10nm technology, increasing the transistor efficiency by 20% in terms of wattage of energy consumed, which will simplify the process of designing for four times. For the first time, Intel will use ultra-purple ultra-violet lithography within 7-nm technology. In addition, at the same stage, a heterogeneous schedule of Foveros and the new generation EMIB substrate will be introduced.

The process technology of 7 nm, according to Intel's presentation, will also go through three phases in its development, each year there will be a new, up to 2023 year. As a whole, within the 7-nm technology, the arrangement will be used, which allows the combination of different crystals on one substrate – the so-called "chiplets".

The first-born of 7nm technology will be a discrete graphics solution.

The first product, produced on 7-nm technology, should be presented in 2021. It is already known that this will be a GPU for general purpose, which will be used in data centers and artificial intelligence systems. Although previous Intel representatives have strongly opposed Intel Xe's architecture call, they do just that in a presentation to investors. It is important to note that the 7-nm firstborn will be composed of different crystals and will adopt advanced techniques of appearance.

Intel specifically emphasizes that a discrete graphics processor will be released in 2020, which will be produced using 10-nm technology. It is possible that it limits the scope of its application to the consumer segment, and the 7-inch Intel version will save for the server segment. As mentioned earlier, Intel's discrete graphics processors will use the architecture inherited from integrated graphics cores. The predecessor of these products will generate a generation of Gen11, which Intel will embed in many of its 10-nm products.

When the end of Intel's new CFO, George Davis, he hastened to say that in search of better consumer qualities in the transition from technology from 10 to 7 nm, the company will try to be smart for spending money. Well, once we master the technology of 7 nm, the release of new generation products should provide an increase in the specific income of investors per share.

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