Sunday , April 11 2021

In the network, a new image of Lazarev-photomotor is discussed

Famous Russian pop artist Sergey Lazarev informed fans about changing their image. The artist celebrated his famous hairdo and cut off his hair. On his Instagram page, the singer published a photo in a new image and offered fans to vote for or against a short haircut, write

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Instagram @lazarevsergey

Opinions were divided. Part of the subscribers thought that Lazarev was a long time to dare to change. The fans appreciated the image of the performer and noted that it looks even more solid.

"With a haircut a man, not a boy! Yes! »

"You are very up!"

«Chic», – users shared the opinion.

Shoumen Timur Rodriguez and singer Elena Temnikova agreed with the commentators.

Other fans, in turn, did not support the idol in his cardinal transformation. They noted that with the change of style the musician lost his "zest" and became like everyone. Some did not resist jokes.

"Like everything. Earlier there was more charm ".

"You do not need to, you're like a jailer similar."

"What are you, with a hangover?" – wrote follovers.

Earlier reported that the secret Lazarev's lover told about the novel.

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