Tuesday , January 26 2021

In the Irkutsk region, the SberBox media outlet went on sale

The sale of the SberBox smart media set-top box started at the Sberbank branches in the Irkutsk region on October 15.1, reports the press service of the Baikal Bank of Sberbank. The modern device is equipped with multifunctional services, with the help of which SberBox users can:

  • watch movies and videos on the Internet; when connected, users have access to 185 TV channels from the “Smotrioshka” service, 20 of them remain free at any time to watch their content, only Wi-Fi connection is enough;
  • listen to music: SberSvuk service is able to choose music for any occasion or moment in life, some compositions support the function “Sing together” by outputting the words of the song on the TV screen and their translation from foreign languages;
  • take advantage of a wide range of games. Puzzles, time killers, arcades, and sports simulators can be controlled using the remote control or virtual gaming console available in the SberSalut app (the smart set includes special mobile joysticks attached to a smartphone for more precise control).

One of the main features of the SberBox smart device is the built-in virtual assistants from the Salute family of assistants. They are able to solve all kinds of everyday tasks using the voice commands of the owner of a set of smart media boxes, for example, shooting in a beauty salon, turning on the desired TV channel, answering questions or showing a step-by-step video recipe and much more.

Dmitry Asaskovski, acting Manager of Sberbank’s Irkutsk branch:
– For the inhabitants of the Irkutsk region, a new product from the ecosystem partner Sberbank – SberDeus2 opens up a world of new technological possibilities and adds comfort to everyday life. Smart media console users can now not only watch the best movies, TV shows or concerts, but also solve their life tasks. For example, become a video shopping user. On September 23, when Sberbank introduced its new brand SBER, many paid attention to the presentation of SberBox and its video buying feature. Residents of the Irkutsk region will now be able to appreciate the convenience of watching a useful movie – some movies support the video shopping format. The launch of the SberBox is a great event for the entire BEAC team, we are proud that today we can offer the residents of the Angara region a wide range of services and offers from our ecosystem. Including such super-capable devices as the SberBox.

The cost of the device is 3490 rubles. Until the end of October, residents of the Irkutsk region can buy SberBox through special price 2990 rubles in popular markets (AliExpress)3, OZONE4, Blueberries5, “I take” from the network partners for retail – DNS6, “M.Video”, “Svyaznoy” and “Citylink”), as well as order in the offices of Sberbank. In the branches of the Irkutsk region VSP, where such an offer is valid, special posters are placed in the customer service halls.

Inside the SberBox is a productive Amlogic S905Y2 chipset, it comes with 2 gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of permanent memory. The media player supports modern content playback standards: UltraHD7 4K and Dolby Digital Plus8.

The control panel is controlled by voice or remote control: to turn on the desired movie or song, just press the power button on the microphone and say the name. Thanks to the virtual assistant, you no longer have to manually enter keystrokes. SberBox searches for title, artist, actor, director, genre in Russian and English and offers content that matches the query.

More details on the website.

7ultra high
8dolby digital +

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