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How to determine vitamin B12 deficiency by eye, experts explain

British scientists explain how the eyes can determine that the body lacks vitamin B12. One of the main signs of this shortage is blurred vision.

Due to unbalanced nutrition, the human body ceases to receive sufficient vitamin B12. In addition, as experts explain, vegetarians are at greater risk of developing a vitamin deficiency because they receive it from animal food.

If the deficiency of this vitamin lasts long enough, complications can occur in the body, including cardiovascular disease.

If it is time to admit that the body lacks B12, then this will help resolve health problems at an early stage.

Signs of a change in eyes or eyesight that may signal vitamin B12 deficiency in the body:

  • twisting of the eyelids – the lower or upper eyelid starts to rotate slightly. There is no pain, but this is a rather unpleasant phenomenon;
  • visual impairment – may occur as a result of damage to the optic nerve (the so-called "optic neuropathy");
  • Protein yellowing – due to malfunctioning of the liver, release of an increased amount of bilirubin begins, which is immediately manifested in the proteins in the eyes. In addition, this may indicate a lack of red blood cells.

Other symptoms given by the whole body with vitamin B12 deficiency may include: permanent fatigue, shortness of breath (even with slight physical exertion), headaches, tachycardia, decreased appetite, mouth aches and tongue.

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