Saturday , October 23 2021

How to block Windows 10 updates with a few clicks


Updates of Windows 10 are problematic, and the bigger, the more problems. The most recent example is the October 2018 update, which destroys all user files in standard folders.

Wise people have long understood that there is no need to rush, and installing a Windows 10 update is a stupid idea that can lead to unpredictable consequences, until the computer crashes completely. You can disable the automatic update of Windows 10 in various ways, including using built-in tools, but for beginners and those who do not want to delve into complex settings, it is easier to use a tool that with a few clicks disables the services responsible for downloading files from Microsoft servers.

One of these tools is StopUpdates10, it is free and it performs excellent work with the task assigned to it. Download, run as administrator and click "Stop Windows updates". The computer will then stop downloading updates. StopUpdates10 prevents downloading both small patches and major updates, which are issued twice a year. Do not delete this tool, it should hang in the background processes. If you go to the Windows settings and check for updates, you'll see an error message with the code 0x80070422. To restore the update option, restart StopUpdates10 and click "Restore Windows Update". Advanced users can also choose in StopUpdates10 services that will be deactivated by the operating system.

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