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How not to get sick: instructions

Are you in a rush to avoid being transported to a rush hour, to an office, to a busy college… And just to name a few of the expansive areas of the city – concentrate your life and concentrate your life. How do you get in touch, is this contact inevitable?

Your rookies

As banal as it sounds, regular rock – it's just a hopeful ability not to be missed. Approximately 80% of infectious diseases of the perineal cortex. Snack in a cassette or a disease, for the sake of the disease, – and virus infestation on ladders. Then you are looking for your own glaze, nose, or throat – and a brainwashing microorganism that has a unique appearance in your body, in the body.

We do not have the ability to contact anyone with viruses in any way. But it's easy to wake up to the constant buzz – at a minimum, after a buzz, I feel lazy, in transit, – in the excitement of the buzz and the bug bite changes my body's chances.

Powerful rugs: Apply well enough, take at least 20 seconds and cool down. Easier approximations net rocket, apply ladon antiseptic with sperm concentration as low as 60%.

You buy a spray-antiseptic

Dopustim, a colleague in the office, a neighbor with a contiguous abdomen, and a persistent painkiller, details of the project. Do not wake up for 15 minutes without accidentally downloading a virus! This is where you can get antiseptic remedies and treat them with lethargy. What can your work chair, computer chair, rack, cushion your office cold.

Do not use paranoid: viruses or influenza viruses capable of prolonged exposure to different hours. For what time does it come to you, what touches your sick colleague, – and contagion. Other stories, pictures, and constant conversations all around do not stand. You can't exactly follow up on all the malignant and destructive microorganisms, and to get an obsessive-compulsive disorder on the ground for worse alarms – fill it real.

Sing specialty tea

As with my brain, virus pops up on my cerebellum, on the whole – cereal nose. But they do not "invade" the body and make it – the organism is capable of destroying it, causing infection. Odin by variant, as they share, – a simple mechanical smith virus with close proximity. Come on, what a gift to you, how about you! Esli tochne, oblique nasalis pictures – that is, as a guide and transparent guide, fluttering through the nose, for example, in the vagina and you burn.

It is important to educate people about the possible uses that are not only burning, but also sharp. Hot tea with specialty in the kitchen and ice cream – you have a good time working with the virus (it has to do with the virus)

Get Vitamins

Non-natural vitamins and BADs are capable of boosting your immunity and reducing the viral load. Nih – Vitamin D, Chronic Deficiency Deficiency Cataracts suffer from rosacea in the cold weather. It is important for working immunity, further supplementation of vitamin D to help nurse in the office or on the bus at work hours. This is also the hope of the Extract of Echinacea – in the results of its effectiveness in the prophylactic study. And with no advertised vitamin C, no, no one has a low dose of prostate cancer. But get an ego in the same name as: get sick, get an infection infection and get sick.

You've got a flu shot

Of course, sorry, net vaccine. Alright, what a joke – What ORVI, it hurts to hurt 200 different virus-excited. Divide the Privilege of the Bastards – What an unconditional, absurd. A type of influenza virus – a dangerously exciting ORWI virus, which is an ever-mutating virus – is a vaccine created over the years. And help yourself, just wake up to the privilege of sharing what it takes to save yourself from the infectious flu. Half vaccine vaccine mogul (and long) was 6 months old, and share what smelled like conch oil. Particularly important privatizations, chronic illnesses caused by asthma and diabetes, working as a pensioner.

Topical news

The shores are all

In the long run – getting rid of unnatural organisms and not consuming ego resources, just in case you are dealing with a virus, does not bring the disease to the hospital. What do you mean, what a sequel to you – regular and varied – begging, fleeing the lynching stress, and being overwhelmed. Learning to Constance does not care, as it should, but what works: such a measure measures the immunity and helps me to prosper.

What do I have to share, how do I get sick and not hurt my colleague?

Get excited about medical masks – they are ineffectively effective, preventing the spread of the virus in daily scars. Finally, sweetheart, what you can share with a colleague, – What's left at home. At a minimum, technically, the last laptops do not last 24 hours.

If you have such opportunities, take some preconceptions. Exhale and cough, fall into the abdomen, fill the nasal plate, or eat in the abdominal cavity (not in the ovaries!). Take care not to slip close to my colleague, do not give birth to ruku until the end.

O volume, how can you persuade yourself to read it, read it.

Shut up! You also hit Ctrl + Enter.

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