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Hong Kong hao criticized Battery's statement on Ethereum scalability issues

Hangin Peng Haao, chief executive of Binance's cryptocurrency exchange, criticized Vitalik Butterin's recent statement that the Ethereum blockchain is almost complete, and the cryptocurrency network is experiencing obvious scalability issues. According to him, the problem of adaptability is already resolved with newer blocks.

Earlier this week, Buterin said in an interview with the Toronto Star that this aspect today is one of the biggest obstacles for large organizations interested in Ethereum's ecosystem.

However, Hangzhou haoo disagrees with this view and believes that the real problem is wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

"I like Vitalik and ETF, but speed and capacity were a problem a year ago. Now this issue is largely resolved with newer blocks. We need real applications that people would really use. After that, we will be able to talk about new problems and network constraints. " – wrote the head of Binance on Twitter.

Buterin did not neglect hao's comment, noting that the problem he was talking about was by no means resolved. According to him, even semi-centralized blockchains are capable of handling no more than a few hundred transactions per second, and EOS is already experiencing scaling problems.

Also, Vitalik Buterin added that he was increasingly disappointed with the decisions of the second layer, such as the Lightning Network. According to him, he agrees with Vlad Zamfir, who previously said that creating off-line data processing applications is too complicated and does not amount to financial incentives.

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