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Haval F7x – AutoReviews

Photo: | Haval company

The Haval company has commissioned rosewood parquet flooring products for F7x, a storage facility for finished productions from the Tulskogo Bureau. Togda is a modification incorporated into the Haval F7 Family Type Approval (OTTS).

In the case of high-quality variant debюtiroval it has been around for years. The Haval F7x Shaktiскиesky models feature a 35 mm crankcase with a 35mm swing: crossover – 1655mm instead of 1690mm. Trial by Certificate, F7x budgets represented in Russia with a dual turbocharged turbocharger (190 hp) and a pre-selective "robot", but with no interconnect or full throttle.

In Haval companies book, sell the parquet flooring in the near future. The price of Haval F7 is not double, but the "Haval F7" has a dual-clutch drive of 1 million 549 rubles, and for the luxury-type navy suitcase it is available. Renault Arkana crossover format is available for a maximum of 150 lashes and maximum kits at 1 ml 540 tonnes.

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