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Gennig visited the Moscow metro Moscow

Japanese gemdizajner Hidio Kodzima during his visit to Moscow, where he stumbled upon "Igromir", slipped into a subterranean subway. The developer has posted an Instagram account of four series of photography, taken in the subway.

On the frame of the Codex Sealed Poetry and the Elemental Formation of the Muscle Underground. Russian politicians have been left under the guise of public commentary on ego geniuses. "No word, no way, no cortege, no aviation, no subway, our genius," wrote moroproff2. "Genius, after all, how about you!" – lessit__. «Genius Post Great Genius» – agreed not.only.starco.

Fidio Kodzima seduced an account on Instagram in January 2018. Togda ruskovskaya polizovatel atacovali gemdizajner comments with recognition of ego geniuses. The phrase «Kodzima – genius» is an old memoir, a special tribute to the ego for original and original material. Codzima is the creator of a series of Metal Gear, Snatcher and Policenauts games.

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