Wednesday , October 27 2021

Gamers complain about the PS5 – the console spins a disc even when the game is not working | Games


PlayStation 5 owners have noticed an unusual feature of the next generation console. If there is a disc inside the device, it will rotate periodically, even if the game does not work. The editors of also faced this problem.

According to users, the PS5 starts spinning the disc approximately every hour for ten seconds. Gamers claim that this happens regardless of whether the game is installed from disk. At such times, the drive makes noise – the owners say it is quite loud, so it interferes with sleep or distraction from work.

The world release of the PlayStation 5 took place on November 19, but in some countries it became available earlier. In Russia, the base version of the console costs 45 45,999 and the floppy disk model costs. 37,999.

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