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"For such a fun ride Pricey buy it!" – Toyota RAV4: AutoMedia: VladTime

In October the Japanese cross-country Nakoec-Taki goodies to Rossi, but the ego stands, my speech, drowned.

On the YouTube channel Auto News slideshow Toyota RAV4 пятого поколения. In a new car with a pre-made construction, for the purpose of designing a center seat and mounting a light bulb. The crossover design is a modern-day disease, with a lot of problems.

Available on a Toyota RAV4 petrol engine "Atmospheric" with 2.0 and 2.5 liters of 149 and 199 lb. wisely. Base Complex Socioeconomic Mechanics of Mechanical Engineering CPCs, at a time when there is a variety of variations in the name of complete delivery and automatic transmission.

The standard RAV4 version is deprived of anti-aircraft fire, and the interior is filled with painful variants. Two-way climate control controls are replaced by a simple air conditioner, and the rear spindle fits into the air conditioner.

Extra complement 7-inch multimedia display screen, all-safe safety napkin, obverse zircal, parednich crest and roller coaster. This car is the name of a 17-week college disc. Stomach basement complexes composition 1 ml 756 tcs. ruble, up to 140 tons. well done, cheap starting price. Stand out, as the price of crossover in the European side and the SCA significantly lower, russia. Dunn Fact heavily agitated this car.

Top-of-the-line Toyota RAV4 powertrain camcorders, navigation, expandable wrench system, safety features, automatic power steering system, steering control, steering wheel and steering wheel.

Stability of such variations make up 2.7 million rubles. "For such a sweet day Pradyk buy it!", Wrote rossyanine in the commentary below. It is possible that such a burden on the burden of leasing, but the fact remains.

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