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Deputy wanted to clarify the concept of "fallen tree": State Economy: Economy:

Deputy Head of the Party "Fair Russia" in the State Duma, deputy Oleg Nilov intends to introduce a bill that will clarify the concept of "dead tree". Regnum reports this.

Since the concept of "fallen trees" was not previously in the legislation, citizens have no clear idea of ​​whether dead trees, unexpected and other concepts can be considered fallen trees, said Nilov. According to the MP, the measure proposed by him will help to remove "legal uncertainty" and "ambiguous interpretation" of the term.

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00:08April 14, 2016

The agency specifies that, according to the law, the timber is considered as a non-wood forest resource, as well as birch birch, logs, bark of trees and shrubs, sapling, brush, spruce, fir, pine paw, moss, reeds, cane and others. It is noted that the Neil's initiative involves narrowing the possibilities for citizens to cover resources.

The law that will enable the Russians to freely gather dead wood in the forest for their own needs will come into force on January 1, 2019. Amendments to the Law on Forests. They will allow them to collect and collect falling stems or parts, branches and branches for their own needs.


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