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CSKA plays Spartacus in derby: Football: Sport:

CSKA has played "Spartacus" in the Moscow derby, a sixth round of the Rossiyskoy Premier League (PDL). As soon as correspondent correspondent «».

Run into the stadium «Break Out Arena» and finish with a 2: 1 pitch in the field. In the 59-th minute Samitul Spigot's spitakitovcev hit. Down low devil Mario Fernandez restored equation. In the 79th minute, Figo scored a double and a "Spartacus" victory.

After naked ЦСКА болельщики deeply-synchy zazgli fajerы, you result in a game of prerыvalas. Out-of-the-box Chief Referee Sergei Karasev delivered a mostly temporary match every minute.

After the sixth tour DPR «Spartacus» 11 teams occupy the quadrant place in the table. CSKA has 10 seats available on the sixth floor. Lidirouet St. Petersburg «Zenith», in active condition 14 October.

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