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US Mixed Fighter (MMA) Tony Ferguson shared his view of his confrontation with Russian Habib Nurmagomedov. Interview with an athlete is available on the YouTube channel of UFC Russia.

The 35-year-old fighter remembered that their fight with the Russian at the UFC in 2017. "His manager came up with a perfect move: take Habib to hospital, save him from beating," Ferguson said. Nurmagomedov was really hospitalized due to problems during the race. Ferguson has said on several occasions that he believes that the Russians simply could not make the weight: the fight was canceled in the wake of the measurement procedure.

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Speaking about the new battle with Nurmagomedov, Ferguson said he was ready to go against the Russian in the eighth and that he was sure he would overtake the opponent in all components.

Ferguson will fight against compatriot Donald Tserone at the UFC 238, which will be held on June 8. Light champion Nurmagomedov, meanwhile, will defend the title in a match against the interim champion Dustin Porer at UFC 242 on 7 September. The fight between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson was canceled four times. The last time on the UFC 229 tournament, the fighters had to fight for an empty championship title of the organization in an easy one. Ferguson was injured on the eve of the fight and the Russian fighter went against Al Yakwinta.

Ferguson has 24 wins. He lost only three times. Nurmagomedov never admitted. He has 27 wins.

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