Monday , September 28 2020

Bill Gates tells why Windows has lost the mobile market for Android and iOS


At a New York Times Times DealBook conference, Microsoft founder Bill Gates talked about why Windows Mobile lost the Android and iOS mobile market and blamed the failure on the system.

Photo credit: David McNew / Getty Images
Photo credit: David McNew / Getty Images

Gates said he and other Microsoft executives had made great efforts to oppose the procedure, which lasted for several years. It was about monopolizing the market for operating systems and imposing custom products, such as Internet Explorer.

These lawsuits have caused serious damage to the company, not only financially but also indirectly, affecting the development of many large projects, including the development of a mobile operating system:

There is no doubt that antitrust litigation adversely affected Microsoft. Then we would pay more attention to creating a mobile operating system and then we would now use Windows Mobile instead of Android.

Gates noted that because of those actions, he was too distracted and personally "failed" to develop Windows smartphones. In addition, he spoke of a previously unknown fact: Microsoft missed the opportunity to ship Windows for a key Motorola product, delayed by three months' release. Unfortunately, he did not specify which specific product was being discussed.

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