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Biathlon, World Cup 2020-2021: Men’s Relay, Women’s Quest, Live Stream 06 December 2020

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Pavel Panishev

The voice of Russian biathlon Dmitry Guberniev preparing to report.

14:02 p.m.
Pavel Panishev

Coach of the national biathlon team from the Tyumen region Maksim Kugaevski state the reason why Evgeny Garanichev failed to start in the second phase of the Russian Cup.

“Eugene recently returned from Europe and was unable to adapt to such a cold temperature regime that now prevails in Uwat. I spent two days training here, in anticipation of the sprint, I ran a test race and my fingers were very cold. The shooting range was minus 15-16, and in the forest – about twenty degrees below zero. “He realized that he would not be able to compete and he was very upset,” Kugaevski was quoted as saying by the Tyumen Arena.

1:45 p.m.
Pavel Panishev

The composition of the men’s team for the relay

The men’s relay will start in one hour – at 14.45. The Russian national team will start with number four. Our team Matvi Eliseev, Anton Babikov, Eduard Latipov and Alexander Loginov.

You can get acquainted with the full list of participants here.

13:38 p.m.
Pavel Panishev

The second phase of the Russian Biathlon Cup has ended in the Tyumen region. The last race was the men’s relay, where the winners were athletes from the Republic of Udmurtia.

Russian Cup. Phase 2. Relay race. Men Uvat

1. Udmurtia (Dmitry Shamayev, Alexander Povarnitsin, Ilnaz Muhamedzjanov, Viktor Plicev) – 1: 21.33.7 (0 + 7).
2. Autonomous district of Jamalo-Nenec (Rustam Kajumov, Alexei Chulev, Dmitrij Abashev, Aleksandar Popov) – 1,44.5 (1 + 12).
3. Ural Federal District (Anton Ovsyannikov, Alexei Shevchenko, Maksim Sergeev, Andrei Pavlov) – 2,02.7 (0 + 5).
4. KhMAO-Jugra (Dmitry Ivanov, Alexei Vagin, Ivan Tomilov, Vadim Filimonov) – 2.18.1 (2 + 8).
5. Tyumen area (Ilya Novopashin, Igor Shetko, Aleksandar Meshcheriakov, Evgenij Idinov) – 4,27,6 (0 + 6).
6. Bashkortostan (Valentin Mihailov, Nikita Broda, Alexei Petrov, Ilja Burlakov) – 5.12.4 (2 + 17).

Povarnitskin’s team won the men’s relay in the second phase of the Russian Cup

13:17 p.m.
Pavel Panishev

Two-time Olympic champion Dmitry Vasiliev summed up the results of the races that took place on Saturday, December 5, on the stage of the Biathlon World Cup.

“Men are coming down. The women started retiring, now it seems to be better. And for men, everything is completely sad, I do not understand anything. Feeling as if they have either changed something or are incomplete. The defeated today had good speed, at least they fought. The main thing is to deal with the shooting. Coaches need to adjust to this, because there is no shooting now. “This is frustrating,” Vasiliev said in an interview with “Championship” correspondent Andrei Pankov.

Pavel Panishev

The Swedes celebrate the victory in the relay, Samuelson won the chase, Claude passed Johannes Bo on the finish line. The best moments of the day are in the photo.

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