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AMD Navi 14 Semi 128 128 bit, Navi 12 256 Bit / News /

Berniyh's enthusiastic 3DCenter forum updated interesting information about AMD drives for Linux Linux OS. However, both the "pc_lines" and "num_sdp_interfaces" parameters have wide interfaces. For example, both chipset Vega 10 num_sdp_interfaces = 16 at the 2048-bit interface remembers HBM2, and the Vega 20 shows a doubled amount of SDP at the 4096-bit interface.

Navi 12

Supply this item, Berniyh drained the amount of SDP from the Navi 12 and Navi 14. In the first case, the parameter is 16, and in the second 8, it is possible to observe the interface twice. According to my companion, the Navi 14 has a 24 bit memory module (Compute Units), which has a 1536 memory processor and a buffer connection of 128 bits per channel. Theoretically, the Navi 12 can only handle 256 bits wide channel distortion.

Navi 12
Predictive 3DCenter College Navi 12 chassis

At present there is a lack of coke-free details on the Navi 12. Graphics Chip Preferred, which can be used as a Radeon RX 5800 family card maker or later. At last, we have a reader, who has no information about the unofficial official faces of AMD and is still enjoying skepticism.


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