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Actor Andrei Semenov moderate during spectacle in Kaluge

During the spectacular "Open Prayer History" in the Kaluga theater Yonogo performed by Andrey Semenov. After laying down a colleague, in the artist, I was playing in an angel, during the antwerp otorvalsya tromb. Ob As soon as they are on it's yours theater.

«Income from frostbite is not timely, it is early. By Andrea Semenova, artist Kaluzhskogo TZZa, last seen on September 26, 2019 was a year of elaborate showings: roll of angels in the spectacle "Open Priesthood History" Marias Lado on-line

Actor gave birth on December 17, 1962. His first theater performance in 1992 was performed by Nikolaya Gogolia's spectacle «Yenitüba», a stage staging of the Kalugsko theater The Yogo Critilia. As soon as the theater served it up to the snot, I filled it with 30 rolls.

Ordered in the Kaluzhsko District Dramatic Theater with the 55th theatrical season Kaluzhsko Theater Ynogo Zritilya. The cultural courtesy of the "Spectacular Museum" directed by Mikhail Wizgawa, the seminal director of the Interdisciplinary Theatrical Festival "The Zodiacal Festival". On the eve of the evening I gather my beloved.

The spectacle of the Kaluszko spectacle was born in 1965 on a different stage scene than ever before the theater was named. Among the directors-actresses are the honored actress Rossi Lydmila Volskaya and Vladimir Cvetkov, and the first actresses include Nadezhda Efremenko, Valentina Mihaylina, Evgeniy Lakhvivka, Evgeniy Lakhvilova, Evgeniy Lakhvilova. The last pair of stallions was taken out of the box. Blew 20 flight Wizgov главляется glavnыm director theater, and ego woman working there as a director.

For a few days to see the seeds of the Semenova tragedy among other things TZZe – Petersburg. Actor from the series "Street Fight" and the film "Brother", folk artist Rossi Igor Chibanov skonchalsya 76-m.

According to the theater, Aleksandra Bryantseva, the last actress to perform on stage last 14 days, in her 75th day of birth, to play Kuchumova on stage "Happy Days". 21 Century Shibanov collected the spectacle in Krasnodar, but in the day he left behind a sledgehammer. After teaming up with fellow actresses, USSR artist Irina Sokolovo, she has become a fixture in the Pulkovo Airlines and Goods Registrations. That story broke as soon as it was released 78.Ru.

«Bent, glued to life. Ego imported a "scorpion" knife into him in the back of his neck. He is obliged to fly to Krasnodar, to play in spectacular "Breathtaking Dances", – divided artist.

She got what she was working on in a 50 flight around Shibanov.

«Igor – lubimec audiences. He did not play, even though he did not play at all lately, he did not hurt his popularity. Vsegda bыl is detrimental to the self and the stricter self, like nothing else. Играть с ним было такое удовольствие – шикарнейший partner. He was a professional classmate, creating the Theatrical Theater and not doubling down on anything else. Яотя Игоря banned in the theater with rosemary and nogamy », – shared artist.

Lately, after I have begun Sokolovo, Chibanov has a sense of humor, and in the midst of the ego of my birthdays my colleague has been giving births and gels.

«Only weeks back my ego has been ebullied: crickets – all we need is to treat and play. There was a gloom in his Verse verse, but the fate resolved. In the last game he played in his own style, ”Sokolova said.

Actor Igor Chibanov is a master of the art and art of St. Petersburg. He has been widely publicized in films such as "Brother", "Up", "Castle", "Pro Orodov and Old", and has been featured in the series "Bandit Petersburg", "Street Fight", "Opera Foundation", "Opera". Chronicles ййййгоголала от от от от »» »» »» »» »» »» »» и »и и и и и« «« «« «« «« «« и «й «ййййй и ийй и ий »

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