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6 cracked short phrases that often repeat people with depression

Today, depression is equated with a real epidemic, because this disease is affecting more and more people, and the number of trapped is only increasing.

An insidious disease completely changes your life when the disease goes too far. This is reflected in contacts with close co-workers, co-workers, friends. Depression affects appetite, sleep, emotional background and physical condition. Suffice it to recall the celebrities with whom the disease fell.

Research on people with this terrible disease are published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science. And the results have forced us to pay attention to a particular class of words most patients use in their vocabulary. And they can be judged for the presence or absence of the disease.

Today, even ordinary laymen can understand the signs of depression in a person if they carefully follow their vocabulary.

The most common phrases and words that can talk about depression

1. Frequent repetition of the pronouns "I", "I" and "I".

A person addicted to depression draws all his attention to himself, completely isolating himself from society. As a result, contacts with the environment are significantly reduced.

2. Contrasting to "Always" and "Never"

Also, in the course of the research, scientists have discovered a desire to think and think in the language of the absolutists. That is, people with severe depression symptoms often complain about the words "always" or "never", "all" or "nothing". Be careful if you often need to hear similar words from loved ones.

3. The phrase begins with the words "I must …"

When one focuses on what to do, this is a sign of black-and-white thinking, without color, that is already a haven for depression.

A psychiatrist, Dr. Serani believes depression is often accompanied by thoughts of self-hatred. The negative perception of oneself with the words "should / should" speaks of narrow thinking.

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4. Uncertain "I can't …"

The three-word phrase "I can't" is partly believable. Because those who fall into the power of depression are really unable, that is, "unable" to perform their daily normal duties physically. Getting out of bed in the morning is not easy for them.

5. The phrase "I'm fine"

Oddly enough, but the obvious sign of the progression of depression is the increased confidence that you can handle everything easily, smoothly. And if a person with depression also refuses any help, believing it to be "okay", this serves as further evidence.

Resource Women's Health has released evidence that women in fur coats of depression hide their problems from family and friends. If anyone in your area has always said that he is "all right, all is well", take a look. Because serious psychological and personality problems are behind this. In addition, a person with such behavior is very vulnerable.

6. “What's the point? Why? "

Depression breaks even the most powerful individuals and makes them indifferent and indifferent to everything. Serani knows that people with depression from any genesis see salvation only in death. Because neurosis is different from depression. A person suffering from neurosis does not lose hope even when worried. A depressed person is no longer afraid of anything. Die inside. So if you ask such a person for something, he almost always responds with the same phrase: "Why?"

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