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39-year-old Anna Semenovic can use surrogate mother's services – News

Participants at the World Championship in Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires, Russia – Kiril Parsakov and Anna Goodino – were deprived of the opportunity to continue their performance. Argentine media reports that the partner put his partner behind the scenes with his fist in his face.

"The performance of this pair of European champions was praised by the jury. But one of the organizers noticed how behind the scenes they passionately voiced claims to each other. As a result, the judges decided not to release them in the final for misconduct, "said Irina Pereyatko, director of the Solo Tango Orchestra.

In this news and its aftermath, almost everything is good. Expressed in passionate form – is it now called so? She hit him in the face for not loving the way she did it! As a result, the kitchen boxer was disqualified, but his wife lost the opportunity to speak further.

Now he excuses himself on social networks, but somehow strange: they didn't understand us, we were too vigorously expressing emotions. We, we, we. Although guess! And if he allowed this with witnesses, I imagine what happens when they are alone. But the couple has a young child.

Unfortunately, the boxer dancer found numerous defenders and, unfortunately, defenders. They write words of support, persuading him not to be sad. They say – with whom it does not happen. And you know, this excuse for the stupid behavior of my miserable, who doesn't know how to control himself, upset me even more than his disgusting act.

Unfortunately, Anna has refused to make a statement against him, and in our country this type of violence is still not a matter of state, but of private accusation, unfortunately. I am very sorry that this sucker will not be closed. And the next time he will just try to win without witnesses.

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