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мощный кулер для Processсоров AMD Ryzen Threadripper

The Arctic company has officially introduced the Freezer 50 TR ARGB cooler, a predetermined low-temperature processor from the Ryzen Threadripper products AMD.

Providing information on solutions, please note that this is not the case in February. Monstrous fracture capable of dealing with the "flush" chip, cleansing 32 or hurting the eye. It hurts, speaks to the processor, namely 64 acres. Such a separation is not represented, but reportedly, as the budget implies the fulfillment of the Socket TR4 +.

Structural cooling is a pre-emptive method of thermal conduction, a name for direct contact with the processor. What trumpets provide a two-way radiator.

There are two valves in the management of the latency of the wide-impulse modulation method (CIM). Odin by height ratio is 120 mm (200–1800 bpm), second – 140 mm (200–1700 bpm).

Cooler multiplex address (ARGB) subwoofer. Dimensions 147.8 × 149.5 × 165 mm, Ves – 1242 gr.

Arctic Freezer 50 TR ARGB available budgets at an affordable price of 75-80 $ SCA.

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