Friday , August 14 2020

Why the design of the iPhone for 2020 may be strange

Why the design of the iPhone for 2020 may be strange

As good as the new Apple iPhones in Cupertino are, these are no longer smartphones. Of course, if you want to have an iOS device, iPhone is the obvious choice. The room is great.

But if you are looking for a new design for your smartphone, you have much better options among Android smartphones. However, the reuse phase of the same design is expected to change with Apple's 2020 smartphones.

Apple product-focused analyst Ming-Jie Kuo says the design of his smartphone in 2020 will resemble that of the iPhone 4, which is surprising and strange.

Of course, the exact design may not be exactly the same, but some of the design elements may be inspired by the iPhone 4. The analyst points out that the metal frame (existing on the iPhone 4) will be refurbished for Apple's 2020 smartphones.

It can be a good thing or it can destroy everything – we'll have to wait for 2020 and see. However, he warns that the cost of production may rise due to the new framework.

It's unclear how prices will affect Apple's future 2020 smartphone, but hopefully it won't become too expensive for most people.

Of course, the design of the 2020 will be an advantage. But as the smartphone market becomes super competitive, price will also be a factor.

There is no official information on Apple's future iPhone at Cupertino. It is also unclear what his name might be.

So we'll have to wait for official information to find out if the analyst was right. What do you think of Cupertino's upcoming Apple iPhone 2020? Do you prefer a big change in design? If so, will price be the deciding factor for you?

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