Saturday , January 23 2021

Who is Sebastian Bear-McLard, the actor who conceived the most beautiful woman in the world

The star is very happy to be a mother. She has been married since February 2018 to actor and producer Sebastian Bear-McLard. It was a big surprise at the time, as they had only been seen together for a few weeks on Valentine’s Day. The civil wedding took place in Manhattan, New York. At the wedding, she wore a modest $ 250 suit, which consisted of a jacket and trousers.

“When my husband and I tell our friends that I’m pregnant, their first question after ‘Congratulations’ is almost always: ‘Do you know what you want?’ “Everyone laughs at this. “In our answer there is truth, however, that suggests more complex possibilities than the genitals with which our child would be born – the truth that we have no idea who, or rather what.” “Who is this person? Whose parents will we be? How will our lives change and who are we?” Emily was quoted as saying by OK magazine.

Sebastian Bear-McLard is an actor and producer, appearing on his IMDb page to produce indie films Good weather (2017), with Robert Pattinson, Heaven knows what (2014) and Still life (2006)

Emili Ratajkovski is preparing a book

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