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“When he opens his mouth, the judge runs with the card in his hand”

  • 2nd league: ASU Poli Timisoara – Rapid, Sunday, 14:30, Digi Sport 1

  • League 1: Yachi Polytechnic – CFR Cluj, Sunday, 18:30, Digi Sport 1

The Romanian coach’s team is the only one that has not lost in the last nine phases of the Turkish First League, Gaziantep reported.

Marius Sumudici, represented by the President: “When he opens his mouth, the judges start running with the card in his hand”

“Our team will continue to do everything possible on the field, until the last whistle of the season. He will never give up on any match. There will always be mistakes in football. Our goal is to draw attention to these mistakes in a timely manner and to make each side more careful. We are from Gaziantep and Gaziantep is never taught.

When the judges come to Gaziantep, they act according to the stories told to them. Although we do not sanction the coaches of our opponents, our coach is punished for every reaction, even if he defends his rights. Whenever our coach Sumudika opens his mouth, the referees start running with the card in hand.

These behaviors are contrary to the nature of football. These cards and penalties are awarded not only to our team or our coach, but also to the city of Gaziantep. “We do not want anyone to forget that.” said the Turkish official quoted by

This weekend, Gaziantep is a standing team from Turkey, the championship this season has an odd number of teams, 21. The next match of his team Udumudică, Tosca and Maxim is scheduled for Sunday, December 13, at his field Basaksehir.

After the first 10 rounds in Turkey, Gaziantep is in 7th place, with 15 points collected, eight lengths behind the leader Alanyaspor.

Sumudic ready to negotiate with CFR Cluj before Transylvania appoints Eddie Jordanescu

About a week ago, after Dan Petrescu left CFR Cluj, Marius Sumudic said that he would be ready to come to the Romanian champion.

In the meantime, Eddie Jordenescu clapped with Transylvanian band officials Friday night as well was officially introduced.

“CFR is a good option, a team that fights for trophies, even if it comes after 3 special years with Petrescu, never say never, I have not talked to anyone, but I am hungry for performance, for trophies. In Gaziantep it is difficult for me to fight for trophies, CFR gives you this chance, especially at my age.

“I do not know what kind of coach they want, I am not cheap, I have a good contract in Turkey, a championship with many stars, there must be something to come back, I do not train with beautiful eyes and I take the money after 8 months.”, said Sumudic, in Digi Sport Special.

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