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What the Belgian press wrote, after the double sensation of Janis Hagi of St. Truiden

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Janice The Hague (20 years) was the man of the match at St. Truiden – Genk, after scoring two goals and a goal. Despite what his team was leading with 3-0, at the end of the game the table showed the result of 3-3, after a game full of events.

Even though Ianis had a very good performance, Genk failed to impose himself on the pitch. However, the Belgian champion could prevail on the green table. The match was interrupted twice and evenly The end of the match was whistled when there was still a few minutes to play.

St. Truiden fans started throwing all sorts of things at Genk's goalkeeper, and the match ended 3-1. After a period, the central team thought the game could continue, and the score reached 3-3. When the champion's supporters saw their lineup equalized after scoring three goals earlier, the situation became uncontrollable.

It seems that the end of the match was decided by the police, not the referee, because the players would not be safe because of the attitude of those at the stands, according to Waitbalancrant. Both groups are awaiting the decision of the panel dealing with the case. Genk can win the green derby with St. Truden, because it is considered that the home team was not organized as the match should have been.

The Belgian press wrote about Ianis Hagi's loan

Even if the unpleasant events in the Janis team competition were a major topic of concern, the Belgian press also wrote about Romania's very good performance.

"Theo Bononda scored the first goal of the match after a very well-executed corner by teammate Janis Hagi. However, the Romanian made the score 2-0 with a lime point. He also scored the number three, and the game seemed to Game on", wrote Voetbalkrant.

"Ianis Hagi fired a corner kick and Genk opened the scoring. 24 minutes later, the keeper scored a goal. Ianis in the 48th minute scored from the penalty area and increased the lead. After an hour of play, the Romanian again scored. goal, also from the penalty spot and the score was 3-0. " those of Wolfe also noted.

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