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Vlad Living Video Series on Pro TV – Monday, September 30th

Production of the Vlad series by Pro TV began 4 weeks ago with the second season on September 9 and airs every month at 8:30 pm. The series, inspired by the story of Monte Cristo, tells the story of Adrian Anoushei, a man who was sentenced to prison after being convicted of robbery for not doing so. After four years, Adrian returns as Vlad Pop (played by Adrian Narth), with a plan for revenge. We recall that Vlad's series was based on a Turkish license, after Ezel's production, which Pro TV acquired.

Episode 4 of the Vlad series from Pro TV Live Video

The story of the series

Vlad presents a complex story in several plans, and the script intertwines the past and the present in action with a red string connecting all the puzzle pieces. The series centers on the story of Adrian, the young man imprisoned improperly after stealing a robbery.

After some traumatic experiences, he is given a chance at a new life, in which he is able to settle all his accounts with those who betray him. Man meets a key character and finds the power to change his identity, becoming a Vlad, a powerful, rich, charming man, with allies ready to explain all the details of a perfect plan of revenge.

The actors from the Vlad series

The main actors in the series are:

  • Adrian Narthea (Adrian Anushey / Vlad Pop),
  • Olympia Melinte (Eliza Dragomir),
  • Andrew Aradits (Stephen Dragomir),
  • Emilian Oprea (Leonard "Leo" Kazaku) and
  • Diana Sar (Roxana Stamat).
  • Orsi Pisteranu,
  • Angel Damian,
  • Stefan Janku,
  • Aura Kalarasu,
  • Baby Kotimanis,
  • Dan Kondurah,
  • Monica Barladeanu,
  • Mihela Radescu,
  • John Hajduch,
  • Victoria Raileanu,
  • Tudor Obrizan,
  • Dani Popescu and
  • Anna Badilas completes the distribution.

Where it was filmed

The Vlad series was filmed both in Romania and in Greece. Among the 100 locations are Bragadiru Palace, Snagov and Greek hotels and casinos. The first season had 13 episodes.

What happened in episode 3

In Episode 3, Monday, September 23, Philip, devastated by the suffering caused by his father's death, again has dark thoughts and takes up his pistol. This time, that will be the goal, and viewers will surely clap their hands at the dramatic scenes they watch. Philip will have a new sacrifice, a sacrifice that viewers will find out tonight.

The actors Vlad.
Vlad Series by Pro TV, Episode 4 Live Video.

Also, Stephen will be close to revealing Vlad's big secret. The two will be playing a poker game that will keep the public with their souls in their mouths. Will Stefan finally find out who really is Vlad? Vlad will also face a big problem in the third episode. One of his allies will be gone, and the first hypothesis is that he would die.

Serial Government Season 2 Live Video

Take a look at Monday, September 30, 2019, a new episode of the Romanian series, Vlad. Watch now, Vlad, Season 2, Episode 4, Full HD online. The next episode will be Monday, October 7, 2019.

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