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Unregistered, with a unique price tag, 400,000 bug fixes!

Until the 2020 in Romania, the governor has been the prime minister of technology in the early 2020s, with initial care being available to 400,000 bugbearers, who had to undergo unilateral resuscitation and adopt a progressive, adaptive progressive approach. Preşedintele Camerei de Comerţ Româno-Germane, Dragoş Anastasiu, the best German translator in Romania.

Acsta the arguments aceste speciile tutorials prin faptul that in urmtorii cel puţin trei ani in that exist bani for the plaque pensions and salariilor bugetarilor conform currentelor Legi a Pensiilor as a Salarizării Unitare, iar politicieniu dei politicienii The singer has been baptized by the Governor of the United States in the buget of the renowned republic of the uniquely impotent couple.

Receiving a full address of the German language in other countries in the context of the Cameroon of the Romano-German Comerie, Dragoş Anastasiu subliniat a personal number, as well as information not included "nimic ascuns".

"Cota unique: e o personal, eu sunt susţinătorul cotei unice, tree cota unique n-are nicio chance of supravieţuiască. Repet, no pot spun and unde vinous discus, dupe perea mea personal cota unica are no nicio chance of supravieţuiască. C-o fi bine, c-o fi rău, nu sunt banii în România! On Friday 2020, 2021, 2022 they will be delivered to the salaried and retired full-time and current Pension Adjusters and Salarizational Unitarians. What a sunt! Are your personal credentials partially affected by the aceast's area, such as this, how do you intertwine with cum facem (Guvernul, n.r.) roost de bani? Adică avem o cheltuială fixă ​​(pensiile and salariile bugetarilor n.r.), at a level not yet '', a Dragţn Anastasiu sus.

Presented by Camerei de Comerţ Romano-German a primer on how to teach the Governor a special visa for the unitary salaried person, including care for the available 400,000 refugees.

"The Inquisition of the Father, Uni de ei, in the Doctor, the Poet, the Printr of the Governor, nu or in the color of politics, the Lege Pensiilor, the special pensiile and the salarizarea unit in special primitive number of bugari of 1,200,000 to 800,000, printr-o schimbare the level of administration. There are 42 Jewish districts, 8 districts, 3,000 administrative districts, 1,000, more than 400,000 residential units, and private care are needed, some of them. Depende cine iese de acolo, că de unii s-ar putea să n-avem nevoie, că va fi mai rău decât aşa ", a dragonş Anastasiu.

Acerta an avertizat cu fi greu antreprenorii germani din romania romania de argentina de guvern emprotriva introducerii impozitării progressive, deacare acest tax system is applicable in Germany.

"At the time of următoarea's care and singular care is maintained in the putea noi (center of Romania, nr) for a progressive couple in Germany. Nou German (Camerei de Comerţ Româno-Germane, nr) is not a German subject. Taxes in Romania, Taxation Reverse Generalization, Financial Statement, Taxes and Taxes ne vom califica la cota progressive. Eu nu vreau său Oracolul din Bălceşti, s aruncaţi în mine cu roşii, dar nu văd altu soluţie decât asta. Three dea Dumnezeu do not fathom, and so do these preparations. As far as the populists are concerned, the care of the multinational polytechnic, the care of the polytechnic population, and the mai ales that are in most states other than Europe and Germany are in the process. Acum, Camera de Comerno Româno-German Signature Argument! I have argued that it is not credible to justify it, "said Dragoş Anastasiu.

Acquisition of a policy to take care of a discussion about how to return to a unique culture, as well as present other approaches to policy making are not the same as the current impoverished system.

"Deocamdates are not curious, as they are uniquely politicized by Ponta, while others are curious at that point (renouncing the uniquely impotent couple, no). Peacock's head, Banca Naancaionalţ, Florin Georgescu, Croitoru, to the BNR and to the progressive caste, to the rest of the politicians are to be censored, to the exclusion of the Ponta, to the caste, to the discus, to the discus, to the other ", a Dragoon .

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