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This is Sherban Valeca, proprietary to Ministerul Educaţiei loc Ecaterinei Andronescu

Sherban-Constantin Valeca, current senator, is the proponent of the PSD for ministerial education. A fost minister of Cercetării and Innovării during the Guernsey Grindeanu Period in 2017, post-care of the ocupat, direct minister delegate to the Governor of Adrian Năstase.

Imaginea articolului China is Sherban Valeca, proprietor of Ministerul Educaţiei loc Ecaterinei Andronescu

This is Sherban Valeca, proprietary to Ministerul Educaţiei loc Ecaterinei Andronescu

Sherban Valeca, a 63-year-old Roman politician, also represented the legislature in the legislature of 1996-2000, in the Jewish Argeş list of partisans of the PDSR and a senator in the other Jewish Allied PSD + PCs in the legislature 2008-2012. On 28 December 2000 – 19 June 2003 a delegation of delegates to the activist movement was organized by Governor Adrian Nianstase. Valeca is the current dean of the senator al României on 19 December 2008.

The value is set by the Consiliului Ştiinercific al Institutului de Cercetare Nuclear din Piteşti. A fost ales preesedinte interimat al PSD Argeş in January 2015, api, in septembrie, a fost ales preesedinte al filialei. He is a professor doctor at the Università din Piteşti with a degree in correspondence with the Academiei Oamenilor de Ştiinţă din Romania. A publicat 11 of which are on record for OSIM registration. A fast-paced shifter and api stand for installation test nuclear fuel elements (1983); atestat ca inginer tehnolog (1988); chef colective testing of nuclear fuel combustion engine (1989); Director Secţie 7 ICN (1990); atestat inginer tehnolog gradul 2 (1991).

A former director of the Institute of Nuclear Medicine (1992); a fost membrane of the Comisie Governorate of the analysis of the lucrărilor de la Unitatea no. 1 Cernavodă (1995); director general adjunct – Regia Autonomy for Nuclear Activism (1998); co-ordinator al "Accordului de cooperare în nuclear domenul" inter Department of Energy SAI and Minister of Industry and Comerţului (1999).

Sherban Valeca is a nominee in the Executive Committee of the PSD for the function of the Minister of Education, proponents of the Trilogy, Luni, by Viorica Dăncilă preşedintelui Klaus Iohannis.

Decizia vine după o social-democraţilor care a durat aproape trei ore. Initial version of the discussion of CEx introductions to Florian Lixandru, current secretary of statistics at Ministerul Educaăiei, the first institutional conducer, the PSD of a hot air balloon, propunându-l pe Sherban-Constantin Valeca.

Previewed by PSD Viorica Disclosure Statement issued by Comitetului Executiv Naţional al PSD, regarding the involvement of some ministers in Educaăie, as well as a detailed discussion on CEx, precisely how the system works.

Social-democratization took place at 12.00 pm in the Parliament, at the Committees of the Executives of the Party, for a discussion on the organization of congressional meetings, organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the PSD. .

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