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The wife of singer Tiberiu Jaya has died. The two have been married for 52 years

A drama in the family of famed folk artist Tiberiu Seia. His wife, Anka Ceya, died on Wednesday, October 2, after a fierce battle with a major illness. The wife of focal interpreter "Banat" was 79 years old and will be buried on Friday in the city of Timichoara, where she lived all her life with the celebrated artist.

Anka, wife of popular music artist Tiberiu Jaya, has died

Tiberiu and Anka Feja have been married for 52 years. Both were colleagues at the Faculty of Philology at Timichoara University: “We competed together when I was admitted to college. I was seven in one place and we both got in. We've been teammates for five years now, and in the second year, we came close. Our parents worked in the financial system in Timisoara and knew each other, but they did not know about us until their fourth year of study. We were engaged for a year, as the times were, and at the end of college we got married. Unfortunately, my father didn't see us together anymore because he fell ill and died at 54. But my mother-in-law loved me after we got married. ”, the story of Tiberiu Jaya, in an interview Taifasuri magazine in May 2012.

“First of all, we were two very good friends who loved each other. In time, we came to the conclusion that we cannot live without each other, that we are complementary. We were both wise, but especially my wife. It was she who kept the balance. If he saw that I was in trouble and couldn't help myself at first, he would leave me in my waters. Our love from our youth has turned into a friendship that cannot be broken. So friendship and wisdom, especially for women, are ingredients of marriage. "said the artist.

Anka, the wife of folk musician Tiberiu Seia, died
Anka, the wife of folk musician Tiberiu Seia, died

Tiberiu Jaya and Anka have a 50-year-old son together

In 1967 Tiberiu Seia became a professor of Romanian language and literature, during which time he sang in the television program "Dialogue al Distance" in the match between Timisoara and Yashi. He won and became an official performer of folk music on the night of May 21. He then taught at the gymnasium and the gymnasium because in 1978 he left school permanently. Among the albums released in his career were "Take Me to Verdie" – Vinyl, Electrocord, "That's How I Think" – Vinyl, Electrocord "," Two Warriors of the Great World "(along with John Dolnescuque) – Electrocord or "Our Good Neighbor" (1998) – CD, Electrocord.

Anka and Tiberiu Seia have a child, a boy named Christian, who is 50 years old and lives in America, California for 22 years. Christian Jaya is married to an American and they have a little girl together, named iaulia, who will turn 20 in November.

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