Friday , April 16 2021

The CTP questioned Denzila: From a "pawn with a cloak" to "know I liked this hairstyle" – News from sources

Christian Tudor Popescu noticed the change in the appearance of Prime Minister Viorek Denila and praised her for this. "He suddenly got a kind of rinse," the journalist added, who last year insulted Denchilla by comparing her hairstyle with that of a monkey.

"It's the first time I see Ms Dăncilă when the hairs do not bother. It's not as if they were in the extreme case, I entered cremation with Ms Dăncilă … she did not say anything to me then, she did not regret, I came with my self-dismissals from PSD and CNCD, "the reporter said in Digi 24.

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"Her hair falls naturally, as if suddenly her face is different. Until now, he always had to twist, swollen, to be a kind of snake." She did not have to allow her hair to fall, no moment, and the figure was drawn into (Cosmin Prelipcheanu: Strained!), As it was. Suddenly, he got a kind of rinse, changes in the face, if you want. I like it, I admire this new position. Yes, it is more human. (…) Perhaps Mrs. Dăncilă is finally a grip and with all her being, where she is, that he is the prime minister of Romania, and that it has tremendous strength and can affect the future of this country. Perhaps he suddenly understands this and will act differently as prime minister from now on, added Christian Tudor Popescu.

In June last year, the Bucharest Court of Appeal received the case for journalist Christian Tudor Popescu in a lawsuit filed by the National Council for Combating Discrimination, which was levied 1,000 lei to compare Prime Minister Viorek Denica's hairstyle to pawian.

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