Tuesday , June 22 2021

The best paid footballer in League 1 was knocked out

CFR Cluj finally managed to escape from Brazil's Julio Baptista, the highest paid player in the First League, the club announced in Georgia.

The former star of Real Madrid and Arsenal came into League 1 after a two-year break, but those in Cluj found what they did after testing it.

Baptists were transferred from the CFR without a medical visit, and checks made after the signing of the contract showed that the Brazilian can no longer play football.

He scored only 20 minutes in 2 league games and recently trained in the gym.

CFR are continually trying to terminate the deal in the last five months, but Baptista firmly stood legs.

The Brazilian received a salary of 40,000 euros per month in CFR Cluj and barely agreed to terminate the contract.

However, he remains the most mature footballer in the First League, although football fans could not see him.


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