Wednesday , October 27 2021

Thank you, Darren! You have taught us what common sense, respect and professionalism mean!


Thanks, Darren Cahill! You are one of the best coaches who have prepared a Romanian player or a team from Romania, and the results of your work have been noticed. Simona won the Grand Slam title, but most importantly, she taught you what it means to respect the sport and the people around you, which means true profession.

In addition to your exceptional work and professionalism, you showed us that you are a human being. A unique man, a man with feelings and emotions, although he seemed at first a Sphinx. I've learned a lot from you, me and Simon, but you've learned a lot from us.

For me, there is a sad, very sad news, this announcement about the separation from Simona. I dreamed about having fun again in 2019 with you, dreaming of joy and happiness for the new Grand Slam, when you both cried, embraced, exhausted at the end of the match with the American Sloane Stephens in Paris.

Darren Cahill taught Simone and taught us those who had ears to hear what he was telling us to be calmer, not so quickly precipitate, to be more positive, to look at everything optimistically, to look for solutions when we are at an impasse, and not lamenting how we Romanians do our best. Simona understood and won.

Where to find another Darren? Unfortunately, we have no place. Darren is special, Darren is fantastic. Simona will no longer be Simon without Darren, even though many believe in her extraordinary strength. This couple was too beautiful and so efficient!

Finish with the new "Thank you" when Darren finished his Twitter post: "Thank you" in Romanian and heart, proof of his love for an athlete like Simona, and let me believe it, proof of love for us, fans of Simona and tennis.

Thank you, Darren! I hope you will come back!

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