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Streinu Cercel: No trauma, hepatitis C infection

The precise depiction of a cure for hepatitis C virus is that it is imported, cu, there is currently a 'potential infection' therapeutic scheme, there is a cure for infection.

Aceste medicines pot vindeca in the range of 98-99%, a statement of prestigious, managerial, manager of the Boli Institute of Mecca "Matei Balş" din Bucureşti, Adrian Streinu Cercel, care a participant in the linguistics of the test stratosphere.

Streinu-Cercel a spus in Romania s-au fut "extraordinary progress" in the healing of hepatitis C therapy, precisely the number of patients receiving acupuncture therapy at 6,000 in 2016, 12,000 in 2017.

"The results of the care were amended in July 2016 by depriving the body of a deodorant treatment at a rate of 5,700 degrees Celsius over 99.32%," said Streinu Cercel. One of the tools in which care is available is the treatment of the hepatitis C virus infection program, as introduced by the Minister of Science (MS), a national screening program, importantly real-time, across the continent. în vederea depistării precoce a infecţiei.

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At Streinu Cercel, there is a testament to the severity of the urge to go to a campsite for a pharmacy, a complimentary on-line consultation, an ultra-fiinded program to provide effective testing and additional testing. interregului personal al acestor unităţi medicale.

Streinu Cercel provides a detailed National Therapeutic Program in hepatitis C cases, including the CNAS trial, with over 12,000 patients present, 10,000 careers and over 2,000 advances, including decompensated cirrhosis. return to therapeutic.

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