Monday , June 21 2021

REQUESTS in a survey commissioned by PNL. The former head of the SIE makes DISCUSSION

Each subsidiary would contribute a sum of EUR 3,500.

EVZ presents the considerations of Claudiu Săftoiu.

"I hope the test is right"

"A public opinion survey, commissioned by PNL, on the sociological measurement of candidates for the European Parliament elections in May 2019. It has been approved by BPN and is one of the important criteria for establishing the final list of Liberals who represent Romania in Brussels (…) Like other liberals, I hope that the survey will be properly carried out, and correctly presented to the national PNL leader and the public. The party chairman is directly responsible for the list of MEPs with PNL. That's how I understand it. Therefore, the PNL chairman is obliged to ensure free, open, democratic and impartial competition at the stage of internal elections. No pronunciation-pronunciations, no favoritism, no orders, no debts, no old debts to pay back.

3500 euros from a subsidiary

I understand that the survey costs about 300,000 euros and that the interviewer's home is used that Ms Raluca Turcan works in and outside of Sibiu. Receive! In addition, the survey would involve the hearing of approximately 25,000 citizens from all regions of the country from where liberal representatives of the European Parliament should come. The extraordinary, huge cost of sociological research commissioned by my website means a contribution of 3,500 euros for each PNL branch, as well as an equal sum from the center to the account of each branch.

First photos in the new cathedral! Shielded altar, artesian fountains, elevators worth 105 million euro!

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