Sunday , April 11 2021

Racan Lucescu met Gigi Becali! The dialogue between the two and the "promise" made by the FCSB Patriarch: "I believe in it!"

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Visit Telekom Sport studio, Razvan Lucescu revealed that he met Gigi Becali while he was at the airport and talked with him about the situation of the FSSB, but also about how the businessman joined the team.

Lucescu spoke about the meeting with the FCSB patrician in the context of the appointment of Bogdan Andone and the freedom that the young technician will receive in his new role.

Becali told the PAOK coach that his team interventions only occurred when he realized that the technician, regardless of what he was, made mistakes. Lucescu thinks that Bogdan Andone has a place to win the cupboard, but also the trust of Gigi Becali in the first weeks of his appointment. "I believe that Bacali will leave it in the beginning!" Said Lucescu.

"You do not have a way to know what kind of person it is and how it will manage to manage Gigi Becali." Gigi Becali told me when I met him at the airport and I talked little about it, he told me, sir, I first leave the coaches, but when I realize that they make mistakes, will be able to intervene This month and a half will count on his ability (no Bogdan Andone) to win his players through the football side I believe Gigi Becali will leave at the beginning " Ratchan Lucescu for Telekom Sport.

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