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Petrescu, an example for Beckali! FSKB financier prepares new transfer "like Barcelona"

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"You must have a good goalkeeper and a good striker!"He said Dan Petrescu after the victory of HR with Rehn, score 1-0, again Iggy Beckali gives coach to rival by League 1. After hearing what Bursukul said, the lender FCSB preparing a new transfer.

Bekali thinks his team has a "good goalkeeper" and has decided to take on the striker. The head of the FSCB wants advice on the Luis Suarez model. The Red and Blue financier is unhappy with the performance of the three strikers in the Gnohere, Hora and Shumu series, which has already been dragged into a dead end.

"Petrescu said, you have to have a good goalkeeper and a good striker. We have a good goalkeeper, but we also need a striker. I want a marker, a player to put the ball into the goal.

I want a mobile striker, one like Barcelona, ​​Suarez, well, keeping the proportions. We'll see these kids, this one taken from Hassi, 17 years old. He can play every year. At 18, if it's worth it, play. Tanasa, oh that's what I say"Beckali told Pro X.

Iggy Beckali gives up on Harlem Gnoche

Harlem Gnoche is very close to fall apart of the ECSC. Iggy Beckali has announced that he has an offer for the French striker and is ready to relinquish the goalkeeper in recent seasons. Even if the offer is not to the businessman's wish, he declares himself ready to release it.

Bisonul is in the final year of its contract with FCSB, and at the beginning of this season had major weight problems, and in a few games was excluded from the draw.

"I'm not saying I'm not pleased with Gnoeer, but I want something better. I want something better than Gnohere, Cumu and Hora.

I have an offer for Gnohner, small but good. I'm ready to release it"Beckali told Pro X.

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