Sunday , July 25 2021

Parliamentary elections in 2020. Turnout until 10:00, less than 2016. Only 4.97% of Romanians went to the polls. Which counties are leaders?

Update From Theivet at the national level at 10.00 is 4.97%.

Leading districts are Mehedinti – 7.03%, Olt – 6.75% and Teleorman – 6.75%.

In 2016, at 10 o’clock the turnout was 5.27%.

Update From Theivet at the national level at 9.00 is 2.78%. The leading districts at 9 o’clock are Mehedinti (3.77%), Olt (3.76%) and Teleorman (3.62%).

Update The turnout at 8.00 am is 1.29%. The leading districts at 8 o’clock are Mehedinti (1.68%), Olt (1.68%) and Constanta (1.60%).

In the diaspora, on the first day of voting for Romanians abroad, 64,705 voters were registered at polling stations opened abroad, to which were added 21,329 voters who decided to vote by mail.

Turnout in the 2019 presidential election was 47.66% in the first round, and in this year’s polls it was 46%.

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