Saturday , June 19 2021

MOLDPRES information agency – Specialists confirmed 14 new cases of measles

Kiszyniów, 19 listopada / MOLDPRES /. In November, specialists from the National Agency for Public Health (ANSP) confirmed 14 new cases of measles in the Soroca district, according to MOLDPRES.

Asked by the agency, head of the information and communication service ANSP, Olesea Croitor, he said that all patients registered in November were relatives or contacted people who had done the previous illness.

Since the beginning of this year, 326 confirmed cases of measles have been reported. A significant increase in the number of diseases was confirmed in August, and 239 confirmed cases were reported. At the same time in October there were nine cases of this disease.

The territories afflicted by measles from August 1 to present are: Ceadâr-Lunga – 164 cases, Vulcanesti – 35, Drochia – 21, Soroca – 21, Ungheni – 20, Chisinau – 16, Taraclia – 12, Cahul and Cantemir – 10 cases, Ocnita – seven cases, Nisporeni – four cases, Glodeni – three cases, Hânceşti, Râşcani and Tiraspol – one case.

There is also a yellow code on the risk of the spread of measles throughout the country.

In the last ten years, the immunization rate in the Republic of Moldova was 95 percent, and now is as high as 87 percent. Mustache epidemics also occur in neighboring Ukraine and Romania.

Epidemiologists remind populations that measles is a highly contagious disease and spread rapidly. The first sign of infection is high fever, which lasts for 1-7 days. Generalized eruptions occur 3-4 days after the onset of fever. Pneumonia is the most common cause of measles death.

Rujeola can only be prevented by vaccination. In the Republic of Moldova, vaccination is carried out with a combination vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella (ROR) after one year, 6-7 years and 14-15 years. Vaccinations are free for all eligible persons.

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